Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pame gia ena ouzo (2002)

Sofia and Eleni and Petros and Alexandros and Despina and Daphne. Familiar, people-next-door types with their obsessions, weaknesses, hang-ups. People who make the daily rounds in search of communication. Sofia, fragile and with no defenses, searches for the scent of life. Eleni tries to combine career and child, making the mistakes she blames her mother Despina for making. Alexandros, a full-fledged adolescent strives to be loved. Petros goes after lost relationships. Characters and the absences of characters. Relationships that are articulated and disarticulated. Through tender glances and open wounds. With an invitation open to all as an antidote. One that we have extended dozens of times while we wait and hope. So... let's go for an ouzo.

Director:Kleoni Flessa

Writer:Kleoni Flessa