Thursday, December 8, 2011

Αθηναιοι - The Athenians / 1990

This is a series of intersecting stories. A petty crook and former lover of a lazy ingénue steals the box-office receipts from the Odeon of Herodus Atticus, on the day an important football game is also taking place. There is also the story of the half-mad mother of the ingénue who refuses to put shoes on because she believes that shoes lead people astray. An eccentric grave-digger produces a two-seater coffin for couple-victims of car accidents. The film also tells the story of one of the Odeon's cleaning women and of a watermelon that goes all around the city, pursued by a tired theater technician and his sister, who is a tour guide. The impresario conducts an inquiry after the theft, but the thief and his two associates, the ingénue and the technician, use what was stolen to set up a small theatre. Small everyday stories and comic incidents combine to create a portrait of modern-day Athens.

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