Sunday, January 26, 2014

EROTOKRITOS (in production)

Athens, Greece, 17th century. Erotokritos, the king advisor’s son, confides to his best friend Polydoros that he is in love with Aretousa, king Heracles’ daughter. The king organizes a singing festival with the hope to catch the mysterious singer that rumor has him singing under his daughter’s balcony every night. Erotokritos kills two of the king’s guards when they are sent on the prowl to arrest him. Aretousa confides to her nurse Frosyni that she likes the singer but Frosyni urges her to come to her senses. Polydoros proposes a vacation to Erotokritos and they leave for Egripos so he can forget Aretousa. The king notices that Aretousa is sad lately and announces that he will organize a jousting tournament to please her. Erotokritos’ father, Pezostratos, gets very sick and all the royal family visits him. Aretousa realizes that Erotokritos is the mysterious singer after she discovers a manuscript with the lyrics she was hearing under her balcony and a painting, portrait of hers, inside Erotokritos’ room. Erotokritos returns from vacation to check on his father and discovers the missing manuscript and painting. He sends Polydoros to the palace to find out if the king knows anything and decides to play sick but Aretousa sends him a remedy gift so he understands she is also interested in him. Erotokritos takes part in the jousting tournament and wins. He secretly climbs to Aretousa’s balcony and they speak about their love for each other. Erotokritos tells his father that he wants to marry Aretousa and convinces him to deliver the message to the king. The king gets furious with the news, sending Erotokritos to exile and throwing his father out of the palace forever. Erotokritos secretly visits Aretousa and announces the bad news. They exchange vows of faith in the presence of Frosyni. Erotokritos leaves for exile, followed by his faithful slave, Pistentis. The king announces his plan to marry Aretousa with the prince of Byzantium. She refuses and the king throws her and her nanny both in jail. Erotokritos in exile, receives the news of Aretousa’s imprisonment and the threats of imminent attack of the Vlachs to Athens. His slave takes him to an old witch and she produces a potion. Erotokritos washes his face with the potion and transforms into a black, Saracen man. Erotokritos sets the slave free and decides to go to Athens and fight for its freedom. Erotokritos returns to Athens and joins the battle in favor of the Athenians. He fights so bravely that he forces many Vlach soldiers to flee and have both Athenians and Vlachs wondering who is this Saracen warrior that appeared out of nowhere. Vladistratos, the Vlach king, proposes to king Heracles a one-to-one fight in order to stop the pointless bloodshed, the Vlachs’ best fighter against the Athenians’ best. King Heracles holds a war council and they realize they don’t have any man that can match the Vlach champion, Aristos. Erotokritos enters the council and volunteers to fight. Erotokritos kills Aristos in an epic fight and the Vlachs vow for eternal allegiance to the Athenians. King Heracles visits the wounded Erotokritos and tells him that all his kingdoms now belong to him as well. Erotokritos denies the wealth and asks to marry Aretousa. The king fears about his daughter’s decision and urges him to ask her himself. Erotokritos visits Aretousa in jail and asks to marry her. She denies and then Erotokritos washes his face with the potion, returning to his real appearance. Aretousa is happy and relieved but proposes that he should change back to Saracen and proceed with the marriage. At the wedding, Erotokritos reveals his real identity to the king and the king forgives him, giving his blessing for the wedding and announcing him as the new king.


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