Thursday, December 8, 2011

Κλειστό Κύκλωμα - Closed Circuit / 1989

This is the story of divorced couple, of two young people who have a seven -year old daughter.
The little girl lives with her mother, and her father lives in the same neighbor­hood, so that she can visit him often. The father comes up with the idea to ins­tall a closed TV- circuit between the two homes, so that his daughter can contact him any time of the day and this feel less the separation of her parents. The mother permits the installation of the circuit...
However, none of the two parents sus­pect that this new means of communica­tion will ruin their clear cut relationship, since the circuit gives them the possibility to interfere in one another's privet live

Director's commentary
This story rhymes. like a poem, like the Ivrics of a song: Ever repeating events in a game of reflections and «mirages» between facing mirrors, a game where everything is the same and different at the same time.
The heroes struggle in the «whirlpool» of a realitv where charm is svnonvmous to the uncertainty. the mistakes, the con­tradictions and the retrogressions that characterize their begaviour. Nevertheless they make no effort to escape.
Charmed by this dangerous communica­tion game, thev try to live with one another, relying solely on their insticts. st) thev improv ise.
Fort theY know that «katharsis» will not come, unless they master the rules ol the game.

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