Thursday, December 8, 2011

Το Βλέμμα του Δαίδαλου - Dedalo's look / TV 1985

The dominant subject of this telefilm titled "Dedalos' look" is time.
Through an ordinary relationship between a young film-director and a journalist, who work together on a documen­tary on the great author Nikos Kazantzakis, arises the ques­tion of our link with the past and whether it exits.
We all feel the need to make history, but we eventualy realise that we cannot bring back or recreate the past through facts and people only.
There are other elements as well (such as the wishes, the ambitions, the secret thoughts, the different attitudes towards behaviors and statements) which, though absolute­ly necessary for the objective evaluation of the past, are often omitted, being forgotten as time goes by.
When the hero of the film reaches this conclusion, he leaves the documentary on Kazantzakis unfinished seeing it like a puzzle, some pieces of which are missing, while even those existing are not necessarily put in the right place.
His girlfriend, the journalist, firmly disagrees with this at­titude, considering it to be a luxury in our times' conven­tionalism
This disagreement puts an end to the young couple's relationship that was built on their common effort in creating the documentary.
The creators of this film, while never aiming at convincing the spectator, try to make as clearly as possible their point on an existential problem, naturally seen through their own angle.

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